Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Eastland Spring/Summer 2013

   Today I went to the capsule trade show and I had a blast. If you follow me on my instagram you will know that I post a lot of pictures of me in my Eastland shoes. For me Eastland is my go shoe in any weather. I own two pairs the Falmouth and Yarmouth which I had for almost more than three years. I have my Falmouth with the Eastland knot. I really like these shoes because they are very durable and have surprised with the abuse they put up with (I have stories).The brand has been around since 1955 making classic footwear. The line was solid as usual. I noticed this year they have more color ways for the classics. The classic brand also stay on trends this year by adding camouflage which looked great. The camouflage ones, in my opinion will be very popular because that’s the pattern of the 2012 and I still don’t see it slowing down trend wise. Overall excellent line by Eastland by offering new color ways and prints to stay on trend.

Those are wicked I want

The camouflage one caught my attenion

This one was my favorite one the Lobster color one

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