Monday, July 30, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Rivieras Leisure shoe Spring/Summer 2013

I love wearing canvas shoes in the summer. Rivieras Leisure Shoes was at Capsule I had high expectations for this brand and was really eager to see what they had in store for S/S 2013. I came across with Rivieras Leisure shoe two years ago and ever since I been yearning to own a pair. I earlier said that the leisure shoe is the summer shoe for men. Rivieras Leisure shoe is a French brand,. Rivieras Leisure is a canvas shoe with a rubber bottom with a mesh top. Making it the ideal summer shoe, because this shoe has a mesh top, this allows for ventilation. The shoes are androgynous. For spring/summer 2013 Rivieras will be coming out in various colors. Not only will the shoes be available in various colors ways but also in intricate prints. These slips ons are perfect for warm weather (I should of had a pair during the heat wave in New York City a couple of weeks ago.) These slip ons look great with a pair of fitted jeans cuffed or a pair of khakis with no socks. My favorite picks were the off white and the black ones since it matches with everything.The slips on are available in bright colors and also conservative colors like navy blue and brown. . There shouldn't be any reason why a man should be in flip flops with the leisure shoe around. I really liked the interesting patterns and colors options available for S/S 2013.Before the summer ends I need to get a pair of these shoes.

I really like the blue and brown ones

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Tretorn Spring/Summer 2013

Tretorn was at the Capsule show. Tretorn makes one of my favorite canvas shoes the Nylite. I also like the brand because their shoes are PVC free, they commit to the environment .Tretorn had a strong line up overall because it showed shoes for different genders and ages it had for men, women and kids only brand that I saw that did that. There’s a lot of creativity for example, the shoe the I’m holding is waxed canvas brilliant idea for people like me that love their Nylites but have to put them away because of the rain. I think the wax canvas Nylite is going to be very popular for the spring and even more popular in the fall. If you are a frequent reader of my blog you already know I how I like waxed canvas. I was also shown a Nylite shoe in reverse leather which I thought was very interesting. The reverse leather shoe makes the shoe water resistant. Overall solid spring /summer 2013 line from Tretorn that I will definitely keep eye on those waxed canvas Nylites.
Pvc free rain boots

For kids

Waxed Canvas Nylite I want

The brown Nylite is reverse leather

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Industry of All Nations Spring/Summer 2013

   Industry of Nations was in the Capsule Trade show. I had a long conversation with Fernando of Industry of all Nations in Spanish. I learn a lot about the brand .I had featured Industry of all Nations before I was looking forward to see what they had in store for Spring 2013.For the people that aren’t familiar with Industry of All Nations(IOAN) is Argentinian company based in Los Angeles. What I really like about the brand is that they are environmentally friendly and do fair trade. Their clothing is made by artisans in different countries. Most of their clothes are androgynous. They seem to be very dedicated in being green and against labor abuse. Which I think is a great and more companies should be following this format.
   Talking with Industry of All Nations left me impressed each time I picked up a shoe or clothing I would learn the history on that particular item. For example, their espadrilles are made in by the original Alpargatas factory that has been making them for the past 100 years in Argentina. The shoe is made by local people. Fernando gave me the Faja belt which is very interesting as it’s very versatile. It doesn’t only need to be use as a belt; it can be use as a tie and a camera strap. I really like their Madras Batik printed shirt. The item the really left me impress was the Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater which is a sweater  that is 100% Alpaca. The sweater is handmade in Bolivia. The sweater is meticulously handcrafted, its take three days and 10 hours a day to produce one sweater. Fernando told me that these sweaters are made by old ladies in Bolivia that prefer sewing than working in the farm to make money. Working in the farm is too strenuous for them at that age so they’re happy when they can sew sweaters for a living. He also told me that all the materials are organic for his clothes., even the tag is organic. Overall Industry of All Nations(IOAN) is a brand to watch in my opinion because of what they are offering is unique and their commitment to the environment makes them stand apart from new

Made in Argentina 
Faja Belt


Different prints of the Faja belt

Madras Batik print shirt

Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater made in Bolivia

Different ways of using the Faja Belt

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New York Capsule Trade Show Sperry Top Sider Spring/Summer 2013

   I was very excited to hear that Sperry Top Sider was going to be at the Capsuleshow. The people at the Sperry booth were super cool and amiable. I was actually wearing Sperry fringed loafers that day. I was looking forward to actually see new colorways of that model. They didn't have that specific model. I had a great time talking with them that I nearly forgot to take pictures. First time me seeing Sperry Top Sider at Capsule show but I must say that I was impress with what they were offering. They had the basic colors ways for the Made in Maine collection. They also had the boat shoes in bright colors. I really like how they incorporated the sole of the shoe instead of only having white soles or brown. Sperry added a blue and a brick red sole. Leather wasn’t the only material used seersucker and madras plaid was also incorporated. They also had oxfords and the boatshoe chukka boot, but the shoe they mostly focus on was the classic two eye boatshoe. I'm sure any boat shoe lover will like all the colors available for the Spring/Summer of 2013.

Like the bucks on top

Boatshoes in prints

I want this pair

Notice the sole of the boatshoe

Madras Plaid

The Top shelve is the Made in Maine

New York Capsule Trade Show Eastland Spring/Summer 2013

   Today I went to the capsule trade show and I had a blast. If you follow me on my instagram you will know that I post a lot of pictures of me in my Eastland shoes. For me Eastland is my go shoe in any weather. I own two pairs the Falmouth and Yarmouth which I had for almost more than three years. I have my Falmouth with the Eastland knot. I really like these shoes because they are very durable and have surprised with the abuse they put up with (I have stories).The brand has been around since 1955 making classic footwear. The line was solid as usual. I noticed this year they have more color ways for the classics. The classic brand also stay on trends this year by adding camouflage which looked great. The camouflage ones, in my opinion will be very popular because that’s the pattern of the 2012 and I still don’t see it slowing down trend wise. Overall excellent line by Eastland by offering new color ways and prints to stay on trend.

Those are wicked I want

The camouflage one caught my attenion

This one was my favorite one the Lobster color one

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wm. J. Mills & Co Typewriter bag Review

   Hi everybody. A couple months ago, I posted my trip to the Capsule Trade show I had great time talking to Tom Beatty of Wm. J. Mills .Wm. J. Mills & Co is a family owned business in Greenport that has been around since 1880. All their bags are handcrafted here in Greenport. Wm. J. Mills & Co. started out in the sail making business in the 19th century, the Mills have focused on awnings, custom-canvas products, and canvas accessories for Boston Whaler boats in recent years. A genuine company that that been around for five generations that makes exceptional quality canvas bags. I love all the bags that they had during the trade show. I asked him if they offered any bags in waxed canvas. He shows me a couple of waxed canvas bags. The bag the really caught my attention was the waxed canvas messenger bag. Tom and I had great conversation about how great is waxed canvas. I remember telling him that all my bags that I own are waxed canvas.

 The bag first of all looks great. It’s a charcoal grey color. I think that's a great color option because most bags that are waxed canvas are usually olive green and brown. The bag is very sturdy. I’m sure it will last long. If you’re not familiar with wax cotton, waxed cotton is cotton impregnated with paffin based wax .Waxed cotton is one of the oldest methods of waterproofing and still is around because it’s very effective. Waxed cotton dates back before the 1900s when it came from Scottish mill that wove sails for the British clipper fleet. Linseed oil was used to waterproof sailcloth for use in seamen's clothing. Then it was replaced with the impregnating paffin based wax into cotton.

Water is not getting in this bag
 I got the bag a couple of months ago I gave it a good test drive for a couple of months. I didn’t want to write about it right away because I wanted to see the bag build character. Waxed Cotton gets better as it ages. Over the past months the bag has gotten softer which I really like. That’s why waxed cotton is my favorite type of fabric. All my waxed cotton bags and clothing have aged beautifully.

What I like about the bag is obviously its being wax cotton. It has a large flap which protects the inside from elements like rain and snow. No zipper just a brass turn lock that gives you quick access to the bag. The brass turn lock really gives the bag a special appeal. The bag really stands out with the turn lock. You can see right away the craftsmanship that was put in to the bag. I didn’t find any defects. Also the bag is breaking in nicely I’m starting to see scuffs on bag which I like.
Brass Turn Lock

I love the logo very classic and simple
The bag is starting to get scuff marks I like
This bag has become the bag that I take everywhere for doctors appointments, meeting and special events. I like the bag because it’s very simple and classic yet very useful. For example, that bag can hold all my required accessories that I need when I’m outside like cell phone, tablet, books magazines, my sunglasses and pens The bag is very rugged yet light, which I love the most. For example, I can go to school with my books; tablet and food in the bag. I don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain with my tablet or camera in the canvas bag. Since the bag is water repellent and its exterior holds up to a lot of abuse. This messenger bag surprises me when I was able to fit my enormous Edgar Allen Poe book along with other things that I must carry everyday. It has dividers which keeps the bag organize.

My Edgar Allen Poe book is wider than the bag and its fits.Just to give you a picture of how big is the book its nearly 1,000 pages

My must haves

The dividers keeps me organize very helpful

Now the bag is pretty organized. For example, I have been using the bag for work and all my stuff fits perfect. When school starts, this messenger bag is going to have a lot of use. A notebook or tablet fit perfectly. Other amenities that the bag has are pen holders and a cell phone compartment. Interior organizer includes pockets for a laptop up to 13½" wide and an iPad® or tablet. Also comes with a pair of smaller pockets and space for four pens.

Compartment for pens,business cards and cellphone

I get a lot of compliments in the streets with this bag.I actually look forward for the days when it drizzles outside and I have my trench coat on. The trench coat and this bag is a dashing look. I usually wear it across my body.I wear it on my shoulders when I have my trench coat on.

The Trench


I prefer wearing the bag across my body

Overall this is a superlative bag that I highly recommended for anybody that wants a simple bag. I can’t repeat myself enough to say how much I liked this bag. The bag is fairly simple isn’t complicated. I consider it a great investment for many reasons it’s waterproof, sturdy, looks great and it’s reliable. I’m sure it will last for a long time. The bag is unisex .Great bag if I need to replace this bag which I’m sure I won’t  it would be the same bag.