Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GANT Rugger High Summer Collection 2012

   Here’s a preview of Gant Rugger  “High Summer” 2012 collection. I’m a big fan of GANT and plan adding a couple of their items to my wardrobe. The line is tennis inspired and they did a magnificent job dressing the models. I love how they use Addidas Stan Smith as the choice of footwear to go with the majority of the outfits. Superb  line consisting of the summer essentials like white pants, madras, white bucks, sweaters, and shorts. Sweaters can be worn in the summer. But you have to be careful how you wear it. You shouldn’t be wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather. But around those cool summer nights in the 50-60 degrees range. My favorite pics of the collection is the model wearing the sweater with shorts and mid high socks. I go sockless in the summer. But this year I’m going to experiment wearing mid high colored socks with shorts. Calf high socks add a lot of character to a person outfit when wearing shorts. I also like the grey suit with a pair of sneakers perfect for going out to any event. Overall another standout collection.

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