Saturday, June 30, 2012

Info on the Bicycle Film Festival

Here’s a little bit more info on the  Bicycle Film Festival. The Bicycle Film Festival also knows as (BFF) is a film festival held every year throughout numerous cities with strong cycling communities. The film festival began in 2001 after Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus when riding his bike in New York City. The injury wasn’t that serious but he needed time off. With that time off he thought about bicycles in the city and the people that ride it. He wanted to do something positive and the festival began. The festival  has been a big success since it combines art, music, fashion and film which are four things that cyclists usually like. The festival went from a New York City event to an event that’s held in the biggest cities in the world. It’s a big event in the cycling community since it brings everybody together. The festival has been important in bringing fixed gear culture more mainstream and premiering cycling documentaries. What I like about the film festival is that it brings together all the cycling communities like Bmx, Track, and Fixed gear.

Here's a couple of the variety films that will be shown in the festival.

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