Saturday, May 12, 2012

SeaVees Volunteer Plimsoll 09/61

   Warm weather is finally here and its time to put away boots.I'm not a big fan of basketball sneakers to be worn in the summer ( thats just my opinion). These great looking plimsolls are by SeaVees. SeaVees usually have a strong line up when it comes to footwear.I  was able to talk to some of the representatives of SeaVees, when I was in the Capsule Trade show.They were very amiable and they told me that each shoe is named after a important date in history.Which I think is a great idea.SeaVees Volunteer Plimsoll commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with the creation of the 09/61 Volunteer Plimsoll -honoring the September 1961 signing of the Peace Corps Act. SeaVees will make a donation for each pair sold to the planned Peace Corps.The shoe is retails for $88 and is available at

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