Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Top 10 favorite Sebago boat shoes for Men

1 Black/Brown

2 Navy

3 Black/Brown

4 Brown

5 Green/Horizon Blue

6 Nassau Orange

7 Navy/Bone/Tan

8 Navy/Green

9 Tan/Tan

10 Tan
   Reading my blog you will notice how much I praised boat shoes.Boat shoes are great a for the spring and summer time.I love wearing them with chinos and shorts with a polo shirt in a pastel color, which for me "it screams summer is here"! I'm planning to buy a pair of boat shoes, since my old ones are wearing out.I went to the Sebago website and automatically went crazy with the astronomical selection of two and tri colored boat shoes they offer. For my next pair I will be buying two or tri colored boat shoes because they stand out alot.Here's my top ten favorite Sebago's boat shoes for men that I liked on the website.I have my eyes on the seventh pic which Navy/Bone/Tan and the eighth pic which is the Navy/Green one.Check them out at

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