Thursday, May 31, 2012

PURITY RING "Belispeak"

Peep this cool video by PURITY RING called "Belispeak".I watched it about seven times today.

My Top 10 favorite Sebago boat shoes for Women

Hi everybody! This post is dedicated to all my preppy female readers.The other day  I posted my top ten favorite Sebago's boat shoes for men that I liked on the website.I love seeing women with boat shoes on.Boat shoes are a great alternative to to flats, since they provide more comfort. Sebago offers the boat shoes in vibrant colors combinations.This year I forecast two and tri tone color boat shoes to be very trendy this year.Ladies check them out at

Backbay Blue



Dark Pink


Hot Pink/Citrus

Light Sand/Chambray

Light Sand



Monday, May 28, 2012

Style Icon JFK

   One of my favorite presidents,John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29,1917.He was the 35th president.He's one of the best dress presidents that we ever had.His style was very nonchalant and classic.A true prep.I could write a essay about how great a dresser he was.But I'm not, just by looking at the pictures you can learn a lot about his style.Take notes and stay crispy my friends.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Top 10 favorite Sebago boat shoes for Men

1 Black/Brown

2 Navy

3 Black/Brown

4 Brown

5 Green/Horizon Blue

6 Nassau Orange

7 Navy/Bone/Tan

8 Navy/Green

9 Tan/Tan

10 Tan
   Reading my blog you will notice how much I praised boat shoes.Boat shoes are great a for the spring and summer time.I love wearing them with chinos and shorts with a polo shirt in a pastel color, which for me "it screams summer is here"! I'm planning to buy a pair of boat shoes, since my old ones are wearing out.I went to the Sebago website and automatically went crazy with the astronomical selection of two and tri colored boat shoes they offer. For my next pair I will be buying two or tri colored boat shoes because they stand out alot.Here's my top ten favorite Sebago's boat shoes for men that I liked on the website.I have my eyes on the seventh pic which Navy/Bone/Tan and the eighth pic which is the Navy/Green one.Check them out at

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trust Sulk Music Video

One of my favorite sythnpop group Trust release a new video, which I think is very cool.Why cool? There's a Saab.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

SeaVees Volunteer Plimsoll 09/61

   Warm weather is finally here and its time to put away boots.I'm not a big fan of basketball sneakers to be worn in the summer ( thats just my opinion). These great looking plimsolls are by SeaVees. SeaVees usually have a strong line up when it comes to footwear.I  was able to talk to some of the representatives of SeaVees, when I was in the Capsule Trade show.They were very amiable and they told me that each shoe is named after a important date in history.Which I think is a great idea.SeaVees Volunteer Plimsoll commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps with the creation of the 09/61 Volunteer Plimsoll -honoring the September 1961 signing of the Peace Corps Act. SeaVees will make a donation for each pair sold to the planned Peace Corps.The shoe is retails for $88 and is available at

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Industry of All Nations Sport Espadrilles

One of my favorite shoes I like wearing during the warm weather is  Espadrilles.Espradrilles are a great choice of footwear for the summer for numerous of reasons; they are comfortable, breathable and they looked great practically with any outfit.I actually need new espradrilles for this summer, since my old ones are worn out.This might be the next brand, where I get my espradrilles from. These espadrilles are made in Argentina by the original Alpargatas factory.The sole is 100 percent jute, making them Biodegradable.Oh yeah they cost 35.00 dollars!!!!