Monday, March 19, 2012

L.L. Bean Signature –Mens Spring 2012 Lookbook

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   L.L. Bean is one of my favorite brands that I always  look forward every month receiving  a catalog.Every year their look book gets better.Their Spring 2012 consist of rugged classics like plaid and chambray shirts,sweaters,blazers,cargo shorts, camp mocs and the Bean Boots. The line is design by Alex Carleton, who also has his own line called Rogues Gallery.
   My favorite items from the look book is probably the waxed-canvas backpack.I own a L.L. Bean waxed canvas rucksack (different to one in the lookbook) and every time I wear it, I just get compliments.The all black and dark maple color camp mocs look fantastic. In my opinion, camp mocs look great with any kind of wardrobe. L.L. Bean Signature camp mocs are a great option for the people that don't want to wear boat shoes, since now they have become ubiquitous.I should also add that camp mocs are super comfy.The Alaska dufflel looks phenomenal.A elegant leather and canvas bag that will look great to wear in any occasion. The Alaska duffle is shown in the eighth picture.
   Overall the line looks great.The line consist of clothing that looks great now and will look great in a couple of years.The line is very strong in my opinion, because L.L Bean  included a big assortment of staple pieces for various occasions. For example, photo 8 &9 are great pieces to wear to a business event.Photo 7 & 10 are great pieces for day camping.I definitely see myself in Photo 13 & 14 because camp mocs are my favorite shoe to wear in summer. I would love to all own some of the pieces of 2012 Spring lookbook.

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