Thursday, February 2, 2012

Norse Projects x Ally Capellino

I  think rucksacks and canoe backs are very stylish items.They are also very useful. I have a ruck sack and always get compliments, when I'm wearing it.I'm not a fan of backpacks like NorthFace, because  they are ubiquitous.Plus I feel that I'm still in junior high school.Probably it would probably look funny with my outfits also.I came across this rucksack for earlier today.This rucksack is a collaboration with Norse Projects and bag company Ally Capellino.The bag is made of a water resistant nylon and has a suede base.It has leather straps.It also has a laptop compartment.Its a great looking and functional bag for men and women.Especially women because most rucksacks are bulky and this one is not.The bag should be releasing the middle of February.

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