Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage: Gloverall

   During my visit at the Capsule Trade Show I had to visit one of my favorite British clothing brands Gloverall. Gloverrall a brand that is full with history, and  synonymous when people talk  about the duffel toggle coat.  Gloverall was founded in 1950. I had a great conversation with the sales director about how Gloverall is a truly a classic brand just like  Redwings, Clarks and Barbour. We both agree that the reason why Gloverall is a classic,  is because it doesn't follow trends like other brands. Staying true to your self and not changing by following other trends has been in my opinion the reason why Gloverall been so successful.
   The coats in the pictures are for women.Gloverall coats are known to last a long time and are offer in many colors.Military influence is very heavy in all their designs.I would like to thank the  sales director for  letting me take pictures of the coats.

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