Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage: Wm.J.MILLS & CO

Waxed Canvas Messsenger bag I want

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag I want

   I had a splendid time at Capsule and one of the highlights of my second visit was Wm.J.MILLS & CO.Funny story is that Wm.J.MILLS & CO is the main reason why I went back to Capsule for a second time.They produce awnings,sails,shades and canvas bags. Establish in 1880 located in a sail loft at Greenport,N.Y. This company sure does know a thing or two about making quality canvas bags.All of their bags are handcrafted in Greenport,N.Y. so you definitely will be getting a quality bag.
   It was a pleasure talking to Tom Beatty, who answer many of my questions that I had about the bags.Wm.J.Mills bags are machine washable, which  is a great convenience when your bag gets dirty.What I like the most about the bags, is the vast options of colors.The customer has a lot of control, when its comes to ordering a bag, because you can pick the size of the bag , fabric and trim color.Exceptional craftsmanship displayed on all the bags.Tom told me that not all bags are available at their online website, some of the bags are only available at their retail partners.
   I asked Tom if he had any waxed canvas messenger bags.He show me this beautiful waxed canvas messenger bag. I"m sure I found the messenger bag that I was looking for.I don't think I can't find any better looking waxed canvas messenger bag.Since its wax canvas it looks better as its ages.The bags feels very sturdy and rugged. Their bags will last a very long time, because they use the same fabric for their awnings.I would like thank Tom Beatty for  answering all my questions.After seeing the bags in person, I highly recommend them.I want that wax canvas messenger bag sooo bad.

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