Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage:Crescent Down Works

   I had the chance to talk with Anne Michelson of Crescent Down Works. She founded the company in 1974, after working in Eddie Bauer.The company is based in Seattle, Washington. Crescent Down Works makes custom made to order jackets.The brand is very unique, because many of the styles been out for a long time, but customers have the convenience of choosing their own fabrics. In my opinion, Crescent Down Works makes the best looking and quality down jackets.The jackets are very light, however it has that rugged, sturdy look.If you want a great quality outerwear with the vintage look, Cresent Down Works is the brand.My favorite items were the Down sweater and the vests.I would like to thank Anne Michelson for informing me more about the brand, very friendly person.

Down Shirt Jacket

 I was able to asked Anne Michelson a couple of questions?

1) Whats the story behind your name?
Named after a lake in the Washington Olympic peninsula.

2) Whats your favorite piece of the line ?
    The Down Shirt Jacket.

3) Any advice for any new brands starting out making clothing made in U.S.A.?
    Get enough capital, and stick with your quality.

4) What makes your down jackets different from other brands?
    We make them real solid.

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage: Gloverall

   During my visit at the Capsule Trade Show I had to visit one of my favorite British clothing brands Gloverall. Gloverrall a brand that is full with history, and  synonymous when people talk  about the duffel toggle coat.  Gloverall was founded in 1950. I had a great conversation with the sales director about how Gloverall is a truly a classic brand just like  Redwings, Clarks and Barbour. We both agree that the reason why Gloverall is a classic,  is because it doesn't follow trends like other brands. Staying true to your self and not changing by following other trends has been in my opinion the reason why Gloverall been so successful.
   The coats in the pictures are for women.Gloverall coats are known to last a long time and are offer in many colors.Military influence is very heavy in all their designs.I would like to thank the  sales director for  letting me take pictures of the coats.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Dominican Independence Day

Today is  Dominican Independence day, I'm going to do a post featuring merengue tipico music. Merengue tipico is  the earliest style of merengue and is often heard more in the countryside than the city area of Dominican Republic.If you take a trip to Dominican Republic, I highly recommend for you to learn to dance merengue tipico.The artist feature in the video is called Francis Lantigua and he is the best technical accordionist playing merengue tipico.He plays the hardest songs in traditional style. We Dominicans called it derecho meaning songs played correct.Enjoy!!!!! Que viva el merengue!!.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage: Wm.J.MILLS & CO

Waxed Canvas Messsenger bag I want

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag I want

   I had a splendid time at Capsule and one of the highlights of my second visit was Wm.J.MILLS & CO.Funny story is that Wm.J.MILLS & CO is the main reason why I went back to Capsule for a second time.They produce awnings,sails,shades and canvas bags. Establish in 1880 located in a sail loft at Greenport,N.Y. This company sure does know a thing or two about making quality canvas bags.All of their bags are handcrafted in Greenport,N.Y. so you definitely will be getting a quality bag.
   It was a pleasure talking to Tom Beatty, who answer many of my questions that I had about the bags.Wm.J.Mills bags are machine washable, which  is a great convenience when your bag gets dirty.What I like the most about the bags, is the vast options of colors.The customer has a lot of control, when its comes to ordering a bag, because you can pick the size of the bag , fabric and trim color.Exceptional craftsmanship displayed on all the bags.Tom told me that not all bags are available at their online website, some of the bags are only available at their retail partners.
   I asked Tom if he had any waxed canvas messenger bags.He show me this beautiful waxed canvas messenger bag. I"m sure I found the messenger bag that I was looking for.I don't think I can't find any better looking waxed canvas messenger bag.Since its wax canvas it looks better as its ages.The bags feels very sturdy and rugged. Their bags will last a very long time, because they use the same fabric for their awnings.I would like thank Tom Beatty for  answering all my questions.After seeing the bags in person, I highly recommend them.I want that wax canvas messenger bag sooo bad.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Capsule Trade Show New York Coverage: Soludos Espradrilles

I'm very happy to come across with Soludos footwear at Capsule.I enjoy talking to the guys at Soludos, very friendly people. With spring and summer around the corner, the espadrilles that Soludos are offering are the perfect warm weather shoe.Soludos have a vast selection of patterns for men and women.Their espadrilles are very affordable and cost less than forty dollars.You will most definitely see me wearing a pair of Soludos espadrilles once spring and summer arrives.For my readers that live in New York City,stores like  Oak,Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan and Bird carries them.Also keep a eye because J.Crew will also sell them.You can start stocking up on this these great looking espadrilles at

Happy Presidents Day

It doesn't get better than JFK in penny loafers with a cardigan doing a magnificent golf swing.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

L.L. Bean Maine Hunting boot 100 Year Old Anniversary

Original L.L. Bean Boot from the archives

   The boot that startled it all, is 100 years old.To celebrate the 100 year old anniversary L.L. Bean is releasing the Maine Hunting boot in the original color way that Leon Leonwood Bean invented.The boot is made from premium leather and features a red brick bottom.The red brick bottom gives the boot a great contrast with its leather upper. Two types of laces comes with the boot,raw hide and taslan laces.
   The story of this boot is astonishing for numerous reasons.The first reason is I think its amazing that the boot is 100 years old and is still going strong.The Bean boot falls in the same category of classics like the Converse Chuck Taylor,Sperry boat shoe,Bass weejuns.All the shoes that I mention have been out for a very long time. One thing that the boot has in common with the rest of the shoes I mention is it looks great as it ages.The boot is also back by a great guarantee.L.L Bean also offers a repairs and resoling  service program, which is great for the people that love their boots to be broken in.
  I own a couple of pairs of Bean boots and absolutely love them.They are the most stylish and comfortable winter boots that I ever had.I live in New York City and usually every year we get a good snowstorm of usually seven to nine inches (last year we had to many snowstorms).I have worn my Bean boots for a week straight or till there's no sign of snow on the streets and still fell comforable in them.
   The boot is available for men and women.I'm sure women are going to love the red brick bottom.The boot is limited edition and is available now at your opinion on the boots?

Penfield Spring/Summer 2012

Here is Penfield Spring/Summer 2012 look book.The North England brand is known for their warm and fashionable down jackets.The line consist of indispensable outerwear like rain parkas,field jackets,and bubble vest.Penfield use a lot of neutral colors like beige,burgundy and olive green for their look book.The bubble vest was given a great color as well.I love the multi stripe button shirt, multi stripe shirts are a excellent piece to have in your wardrobe because it takes alway the serious look of the button up.  For women that like the mens wear trend, Penfield is a great brand to look into.Great spring/summer line for men and women.They called this look book "Life in the Open" which is a great name with all the stylish and functional outerwear that will keep you protected in various types of weather conditions.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

For Women A.P.C. Mac Jacket

 Here is  A.P.C Mac Jacket.The jacket is military green and  features two cargo pockets. A.P.C again, takes style cues from Burberry and Barbour with a corduroy collar and the plaid lining.The jacket looks exactly like the mens waxed jacket I posted earlier, The jacket is available at