Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOUTH 2 WEST 8 Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Here's is South 2 West 8 Spring /Summer 2012 collection.This was one of the brands that caught my attention at Capsule for many reasons.The first reason is I never heard of them.The second reason  is that it was the first booth to grab my attention at Capsule.I had the opportunity to talk to a  South 2 West 8 representative.He told me that the brand startled in 2003 and it been sold in Japan for nine years.They are very big  in Australia. Seventies hiking gear was a big influence for designing the bags.The Sunforger Lewis & Clark pack was influenced by the bag that Lewis and Clark used in their expedition. Sunforger Lewis & Clark pack has a Tumpline, which is a headstrap. This strap is  attached at both ends to the sack and it works by putting the strap over your head to help carry heavy loads,while maintaining good back posture.What you guys think about this collection? If you want to view more pictures check

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