Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011

     I'm a huge art fan, especially of street art. Last year, I saw the street art documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop" by  Thierry Guetta aka Mr.Brainwash.This documentary was about a French photographer that always had a camera with him and took pictures of street art. He had so much love towards street art, that he became a street artist himself. He gave himself the pseudonym Mr.Brainwash.He open a art gallery in West Hollywood Gallery with plenty of success.This Mr.Brainwash became bigger than he thought, because he went from being a guy that took pictures of street artists, while they where doing their works of arts. The documentary focuses on Banksy the first thirty minutes.Then it switches to him  buying  an abandoned warehouse, which he turns it into a place where street artists can perform their art without worrying about cops and it being a crime.He calls it, "Bringing the streets in". When he buys the warehouse, he becomes a street artist. Their was a lot of hype on Mr.Brainwash I remember. He opens the warehouse  to the public and becomes a huge success. After that  he became a overnight celebrity with his alter ego Mr.Brainwash less than a year.
      Some people don't like Mr.Brainwash, because he made a documentary on a underground culture like street art.Some people argue that he made  money from Banksy by putting him in the documentary.I enjoy the documentary, I got to learn more about one of my favorite street artist. In the video my favorite quotes was "Everybody is a artist, a good one and bad one" and also "There's no bad artist" What I like about him is that he truly is fan of art.  

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