Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bike Lanes in Low Income Neighborhoods

   I came across this article On The L Magazine regarding bicycle lanes being built only in rich neighborhoods not in poor neighborhoods.This was a great article because I also notice this problem.I became aware of this problem last summer.I prefer to ride my bike to places in summer time for numerous of reasons to exercise,sightseeing and its Eco-friendly.I usually ride my bike around Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Astoria.I usually carry a  map because I prefer to ride in bicycle lanes.I can't go to my cousin house ,because its around Bushwick and Ridgewood since there's no bicycle lane. I completely agree with councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito when she said, "In fact, the protected bike lanes have the potential to encourage cyclists from other neighborhoods to visit our community, try out the restaurants and check out the local stores and cultural attractions. This has been the result in other cities, where bike tourism has brought more affluent consumers to neighborhoods that they would not otherwise have visited were it not for convenient bike lanes." I don't travel to other community's if they are not  bike friendly. Read the entire article here,

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