Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Layering with L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater Crewneck Lattice

LL Bean Heritage Sweater Norwegian Crewneck Lattice Barbour Beaufort Preppy
My Barbour coat has a beautiful patina!
    Anyone that is a true L.L Bean fan have certain staples, which are usually a L.L. Norwegian sweater and a pair of L.L.Bean boots. It's usually the same story every time either they purchased the items five years ago or it was inherited from someone. All true L.L Bean fans own the same stuff. Reason why because these items have stood the test of time.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Southern Proper Gentleman's Jacket Green Tweed

Southern Proper Gentleman's Jacket  in Green Herringbone Menswear Preppy

Southern Proper Gentleman's Jacket  in Green Herringbone Menswear Preppy

   For this fall, Southern Proper has you covered with spectacular blazers option. One blazer I have been wearing frequently is the Southern Proper Gentleman's Jacket  in Green Herringbone colorway.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Freeman x Crescent Down Works Italian Vest

Freeman X Crescent Down Works Italian Vest
       Another collaboration between Freeman and Crescent Down Works. I will keep it short because in the previous Crescent Down Works posts I have mentioned how awesome is the brand. Crescent Down Works has been in the outerwear industry for over 40 years. This collaboration features the Italian vest. The exterior shell is 60/40 cotton-nylon blend shell, which makes it water resistant and does pretty well against the wind. It's filled with 5.5 oz. of premium 700-fill European goose down that definitely will keep you warm.

Layering with L.L.Bean Norwegian Sweater & Southern Proper Edgefield Vest

L.L.Bean Norwegian Sweater & Southern Proper Edgefield Vest Preppy Menswear Malefashion
Please no photos
    Sunday's I'm usually with clients, because it's the most productive day to see apartments. New York City has been having very unpredictable weather. One day its cold and rainy, the next day it's spring. I knew I was going to be out for a while from morning to afternoon. I wore my L.L Bean Norwegian Crew neck sweater which is a classic preppy staple. It's a favorite item among die hard L.L.Bean fans.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gucci Canvas Web Belt Bee Buckle


        Aside from Burberry I don't put a lot designer brands on the blog but I have a weakness for belts especially leather belts with equestrian hardware. I tend to keep leather belts on rotation and my canvas belts in the recent years have been getting less wear time. Lately I keep seeing on magazine advertisements Gucci Canvas Web Belt with the Bee Buckle. This belt is a perfect combination of the uniqueness of the leather equestrian belts that I usually wear with the comfort of a canvas web belt. Signature Web canvas belt with a unfinished faded leather trim and our plaque buckle with embossed bee detail.Green/red/green cotton canvas Web with brown faded leather detail. The belt is made in Italy.The belt looks great when worn with solid colors in my opinion.The belt retails for $395.
Gucci Canvas Web Belt Bee Buckle

Gucci Canvas Web Belt Bee Buckle

Sunday, November 13, 2016

L.L Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Moc

L.L Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Moc

   A mocassin that looks great without putting a hole in your bank account is the L.L. Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Moc. I own a pair of Blucher mocs and they are very comfortable from the first day you wear them.I do recommend sizing down half a inch. The mocassins feature full grain leather and a molded sole. I'm seriously considering adding another pair to my shoe collection. They look great regardless if you are wearing corduroys, jeans or khakis.Available now in three color options.

L.L Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Moc

L.L Bean Signature Jackman Blucher Moc

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Southern Proper: Ladies Collection 2016

    Last night my beloved Southern Proper introduced their Southern Proper Ladies Collection:Spring 2016. Southern Proper has been around for 10 years (time past by real quick) catering to the Crispy Southern Gentleman by offering bow ties to pretty much becoming a one stop shop for everything preppy; quilted jackets, tartan hats, and pants. Now women will no reason to borrow SoPro clothes from the guys! Southern Proper put in a lot of hard work into designing the collection for women which looks great! It has that timeless  but fun style that we all love about the brand! Check out the collection now